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Contributors to SRHOF (Cash and In-Kind)


Grass Roots Campaign


During our,  early stages in 2015-2018, the SRHOF was to be a non-profit corporation. At that time, events were held and donations acccepted. In October, 2018, the organization failed to meet its goals and the required criteria as a Non Profit, and the organization relinquished its non-profit status. The organization today is largely internet based, while maintaining the dream of a brick and mortar museum building in the future.


Many thanks go out to those who supported the project since its inception. We could not have gotten this far along without you! You paid the many legal and other bills associated with a non-profit startup, and helped to spread the word about the Hall of Fame. We are forever in your debt!





IN KIND (For Aid Above & Beyond the Call of Duty)


Kathy & Charlie Hargrett

Steve & Laura Flacy

Sharon & David McFalls

Craig & Belinda Stevens

John Eastwood




Full Moon Festival 2017

(And everyone involved)

American Legion Post 250, Middleburg, Florida

Keith Hall

Barry Lee Harwood

Derek Hess

The Silver Travis Band

Michelle Leigh Band

Bruce Wall

Tryal By Fire

J.R. Roberts

Phil Swindle

Black Creek Ri’zin

Dixie Highway

Second Shot Band

One Hot Mess

Jimmy Sexton

Harley Lemoureux


Earthfest 2017, Greenville, SC

Jim Summer

Big Blue Planet


Craft & Barrel, Greenville, SC

Tim Shook


One for Duane, Chapel Hill, NC

Don Eason

Idlewild South Band

Harvey Dalton Arnold

Triple Fret

Carter Minor

The Night Shades



David Sultan

Eric Wenzel

Tom & Ann Bell  

JD Andrew   

Ray Barbor 

Diana Cala

John Eastwood  

Tom Miller  

Mark Caskey  

Randy Davis    

Rose Rollins    

Timothy Hulsey

Akis Gregoriou 

Van Seagraves

Karl Perry

Rose Rollins (In Memory of Clarence J. Rollins, Jr.)

Lisa Criddle


Nancy W Putnam  

Towson Engsberg   

Don Swensen   

Phillip Smith   


John Pierce  

Randy Davis  

Annonymous: In Memory of Toy Caldwell

Nacho De Cordoba  Colomo  

Kevin Alexander  


Dena Carruth      

James Liederhouse           

Kevin Alexander  

Sylvie Andrieux  

Jared Knights   

Billy Clopton  

Mike Gillium 

Rosa De Jesus  

Wade Hendrix  

Randy Carter  

Warren Estes  

Ronny Davis  

Todd Seager  

Kim Walker  

James Sliger  

Jack Saunders  

Tanya Harrison  

Eddie Dorman  

Edward Nestor 

Michael K. Brazelton  

Eileen Ferreira  

Clifford Bruber  

Monty Dyer  

Joe Houk  

Rozanne Houston  

David Miller  


Bob Rader  

Steve Stivers

Sharon Gardner

Patrick Davis 

Bub Ellis  

Lisa Criddle  

Paula Powers

Nina Branson 

Tara Reed  

Lauren Ford 

Henry Williams  

Larry Underhill  

Mark Hall     

John Seitz  

Mike Marlow  

Sissy Miller  

Sylvie Andrieux  

Sig Trosterud 

Sue Combs  

Electra Posada

JC Dwyer

Melodie Shumpert Ketcham

Todd Seager

Diana Cala 

C.J. Rollins  

Jessica Wright  

Travis Moore  

David Moore 

Pamela Smith Lord

Kevin Lane

Michael Bilof

Nina Branson

Dan Tucker

John Seitz

Eileen Ferreira

Wes Taylor

Tracy Keller

Karla Rai

Edward Nestor

Keith Brazelton

Neal McKeown

Roger Snyder

Joyce Morin











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