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Michael Buffalo Smith
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Comments & Endorsements on PRISONER OF SOUTHERN ROCK

5.0 out of 5 stars Memoirs of a Great, but "relatively" unknown Man, Referred to as "The Ambassador of Southern Rock"!!

     This is a fantastic book about a "relatively" unknown musician, philanthropist, writer & archiver of Southern Rock - Michael Buffalo Smith. Smith, originally from South Carolina has been writing about, archiving, & performing Southern Rock for approximately 30 years. He was the former publisher of "GRITZ" magazine from around 1996 through about 2006, where he wrote about Southern Rock, Southern Music in general, & Southern Culture. The book contains an excellent introduction, written by "Native Southerner/Movie Star", Billy Bob Thornton. Billy Bob is a personal friend of the author, Micheal Buffalo Smith. The book contains photos of the author with Billy Bob Thornton.

     This book is a well written memoir about Smith's experiences, including experiences with The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Charlie Daniels Band, Molly Hatchet, Southern Rock Allstars, Blackfoot, The Outlaws & Hughie Thomasson, Wet Willie & Jimmy Hall, Black Oak Arkansas & Jim Dandy, Bonnie & Bekka Bramlett, Dickey Betts, Artimus Pyle, "Mama Louise" of H & H Dinner in Macon, GA., Grant's Lounge in Macon, GA., and many, many other people & places involved in "Southern Rock". This book also covers the Walden brothers & Capricorn Records, of Macon, Georgia. "Mama Louise" used to feed the Allman Brothers Band members, when they lived in the "Big House" in Macon, GA. This book even covers some experiences the author shared with Texas Music Legends, Edgar & Johnny Winter.

     The book contains several photo's of the author, along side such "Southern Rock Greats", such as Dickey Betts, Artimus Pyle, Charlie Daniels (The "Godfather of Southern Rock"), and many, many others, including "Mama Louise".

     This book is an excellent reference book about Southern Rock, as well as a memoir of a Great Man, full of great Southern Rock experiences. It also contains some of the author's personal experiences in life in general, including some "Near Death" experiences & some personal hardships the author went through. It kind of reminds me of the movie "Almost Famous", which is basically a story about Rock journalist Cameron Crowe, who also had many experiences with Southern Rock bands. This book even covers the Cameron Crowe story.

     I love Southern Rock, and consider this a "must-have", for Southern Rock fans. After reading this book, I just wonder how did I not previous know of this man, Michael Buffalo Smith. He had already written a previous book about South Carolina, Southern Rock. Plus, he is from the same hometown as the Marshall Tucker Band. Also, after reading this book, I found Mr. Buffalo's writings & experiences with & about "Southern Rock" to be astondishingly amazing. THIS GUY REALLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S WRITING ABOUT. There is no doubt, he is TRULY, THE "WORLD'S AMBASSADOR OF SOUTHERN ROCK".

-Gary Covington, TOP 1000 REVIEWER,


5.0 out of 5 stars March 26, 2013 Amazon Verified Purchase

As I said in my heading, his is a book who many of us have heard the music and experienced our brush with these musicians Michael wrote about.He was able to live the dream.He was able to experience what we which we had. He was and is friends of those southern rock icons,Many of whom are gone now but we get to relate and relive thru Michael words and experiences.Michael is also a great musician in his own right. I highly recommend this book and know it will a valuable part of your music collection,as it is mine. Thank you Michael for sharing your heart and times for us southern rock fans.   -Jack

Lynda brought a copy of your book home before Thanksgiving. We took it to Gatlinburg with us and read it while watching a video of ABB live at Bonnaroo. One thing I'll say, It does make for good reading. One of those Southern Rock Thanksgiving's! Also nice to see WBB in the mix. Cool Pages Bro. Keep it up.

-Dennis Winters (Winters Brothers Band) (Via E-Mail)

Buffalo has been a great contributor to the music industry & more especially in the Southern Sector. In the South we love our music, that is sometimes hard for others to understand, but with people like Buffalo we have been made alert to the bands, the places & genres where can be viewed, who was recording at any given times, what albums & song releases were freshly out, who of our music stars were ill, those who we have lost, those we haven't heard from recently he brought to us in his magazines & radio show. Buffalo has a lot of knowledge with his experience over the years to share, a good story to tell. So proud of Buffalo & wish him well on his new book.

-bmyrc17  (Barnes & Noble)

I've just finished reading Prisoner of Southern Rock + i just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed it. It could prove expensive though considering the amount of albums i might end up buying ! :-)

- Mark Smith

Finished your book in a day great read. I’m 53, and it brought back lots of good memories.

My parents moved to Greenville in ‘96 from Reading, Pa. So I’ve been there alot they lived at 101 iverson st . .Whatever happened to the members of Thunderhead,remember them they rocked. I told my kids after my first visit that im moving south after i retire thats 4 yrs away . I hope to run into you one day. Remember Oct. 13 1987 when that plane broke apart and crashed in Greenville. im holding the copy my mom made from paper,the door landed in her yard. Unfortunatly my brother killed my mom on jun.3 1997 and my step dad sucked so i have not been there since 96. Hope your health is good live long and prosper my fellow peach head.

God Bless, Dean .S Monahan

From Tom Wynn's praise to Billy Bob Thornton's eloquent description of pseudointellectual "experts" and their "mule Johnson related esophagus bruises", to Buff's first and only encounter with Ronnie Van Zant on October 19, 1977, to his first meeting with Dave Hlubek, to his heartfelt dedication to his lovely, late sister, Patsy. This book is a must read for a fellow prisoner like myself....

Buffalo. You ROCK my Brother and I am PROUD to call you my friend....  Rebyll

“Many thanks to my friend Michael Buffalo Smith, author of the book "Prisoner of Southern Rock" If you go to your CD rack and look at your favorite groups, he has met most of them. This is a story of the behind the scenes history of southern music. Follow him on his weekly on line Sunday  nite broadcast and read his online magazine KUDZOO. I was honored to have my letter to him printed in the magazine this issue, and love the look into the history of Southern Rock."

-Laura Haun Kerns (via Facebook)


Joe Meador, CEO / President at Grand Entertainment Group

    “Not only is Michael Buffalo Smith a great promoter of all kinds of music, he is a genuinely nice guy, with infectious energy ..."


Tommy Talton, Performing Artist

    Michael is a witty, soulful writer with a true love for the music, film and artists that are his subjects. His writings are truly stated and helpfully insightful to all readers. Michael fills a space that is sorely needed in these times of miscommunications and rumours disguised as facts.enthusiasm! He is also a fantastic musician/songwriter!”


Martha Moore, Owner/President of so much MOORE media

    My first professional dealings with Michael were in 2004 when he ran Gritz Magazine, and our relationship has continued with Universal Music Tribe. I have always been impressed with his passion for and knowledge of music. Michael is an excellent writer, editor, manager of people and lover of music.


Amelie Frank, Webmaster (Billy Bob Thornton) , Writer

    Michael Buffalo Smith remains one of the most important living figures in Southern music and movie culture. As a critic and cultural historian, he documents and informs the world of important developments in the blues, roots, and popular music scenes of the American South, and he celebrates artists long-overdue for recognition. From Muscle Shoals to Austin to Nashville, Michael is an undisputed voice of authority of our country's most fertile cultural region. There's a reason Billy Bob Thornton has written the introduction to Michael's book: he knows the real deal when he sees it, and Michael is the real deal.


Wolfgang Heuberger, Guitarist/Musician/Promoter at Southern Rock Society. Also Website and Video Production

    Michael Buffalo Smith has always provided excellent publications, including articles and books that are interesting and fun to read. 


Jimmy Dormire, Guitarist,

    Aside from being a very gifted writer and journalist, Michael Buffalo knows music. He and Gritz magazine were the authority on Southern Rock, its history and future. I thank him for his efforts and expertise.


Clark Nicholson, Artistic Director at Gamut Theatre

    Michael is a Musical Journalist whose reportage not only provides the pertinent facts, but also conveys the true coloring of the humanity of his subjects. He is as passionate about his documentation of musicians as they are of the music itself.




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