Michael Buffalo Smith



"Michael Buffalo Smith as a musician, writer, critic, and southern music historian really gets it. His taste and deep appreciation for the real thing are qualities that inspire all of us in his wake. And it's a big wake." 


Billy Bob Thornton

(Oscar and Golden Globe Winning Actor, Director, Writer & Musician)



“I believe a Southern Rock Hall of Fame is an excellent idea. So many of the bands and artists in the genre continue to be overlooked by other Hall of Fame organizations, and there are many deserving musicians from Florida, Georgia and elsewhere who deserve to be honored. Thank you, Michael Buffalo Smith, for giving a damn, repeatedly, over the past 20 years.”


- Butch Trucks, founding member, drummer, The Allman Brothers Band (Rest in Peace Brother Butchie)




"I  am in full support of Buffalo's efforts to pay tribute to the greats of Southern rock with a Hall of Fame of their own. While I am honored to be a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there are countless great musicians from the south who will most likely never be considered for that institution. Buffalo's Hall of Fame is just what we need, especially given the fact that the man running it is by far the most passionate and knowledgable person in the field! " 


- Ed King. Lynyrd Skynyrd  (Rest in Peace, brother Ed.) 




“Here's to Michael Buffalo Smith's fine idea for a Southern Rock Hall of Fame & Museum. The unique genre of "Southern Rock," and it's creators and contributors, deserves a recognition all it's own in a physical place all it's own, as it was born of rebels and misfits who awoke in listeners a deep and undeniable way to feel a world of timeless human emotions. A "brotherhood" that needs a place to hang their hats!”


-Tommy Talton (Solo artist; founding member of Cowboy, Gregg Allman)




“Michael Buffalo Smith is truly the ‘keeper of the flame!’ He has always honored the great Southern way to play and has presented us players and writers and fans in an honest (warts and all) loving and human way. Thanks Michael. As the late, great Gregg Allman always put it. . . Don’t forget to boogie, baby!”


– Bonnie Bramlett (Solo Superstar and co-leader of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends)



"If anybody has been the scribe for the history and growth of the music known as southern rock, it's been Michael Buffalo Smith. His devoted and in-depth writing has for decades kept the public abreast with the music, the players, the triumphs and the tragedies. He is the perfect man to erect this museum."


- Charlie Daniels



"Now is the time for a Southern Rock Hall of Fame and Museum, Michael "Buffalo" Smith is the man to run it !


- Willie Perkins (Author and former Tour Manager of The Allman Brothers Band)



“Southern Rock is a genre of music unique, born in the South, whose Influence is felt in much of the music today. Contemporary country music especially owes a great debt to this music for it blazed the trail that many of the current artists follow. The genre is much deeper than what may be recognized by the Country Music Hall of Fame or The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To have a "Hall of Fame" dedicated to the genre will raise awareness of many "unsung heroes" that have dedicated their lives to this uniquely southern music.”


- Russell Gulley (Solo artist; founding member of Jackson Highway)




"Buffalo writes from the heart. It comes from the heart. He is the heart of Southern Rock."


-Alan Walden, (Former manager of both Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Outlaws)